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Puma (Puma concolor) © A. Sliwa

December 2006

Bornean Wild Cat and Clouded Leopard Project

This project, a collaborative effort between the Global Canopy Programme and the University Malaysia Sabah, aims to assist the conservation of the five species of wild cat found on Borneo. The project will gather baseline information regarding the ecology of these felids, increase awareness of wild cats in Sabah, Malaysia, and build capacity for mammal field research in Malaysia.


November 2006

Conflict resolution and leopard (Panthera pardus) conservation in a human dominated landscape

The last decade has seen an increase in human leopard conflict in many parts of India. All sites but one are human dominated landscapes inhabited by high densities of people. One of the severely affected states used to be Maharashtra where more than 150 people were attacked by leopards between 2002 and 2004 and at least 200 leopards were captured in the same period. We are studying the reasons for the increase in conflict.


June 2006

Conservation and ecology of the huiña cat (Oncifelis guigna) in northwestern Patagonia (Argentina)

The huiña is the smallest cat of the Valdivian forest (Chile and Argentina) and the only carnivore endemic to the southern Andean forests. It has one of the most restricted distributions of any carnivore and is considered one of the two most threatened wild cats in South America. But very little information is available about its ecology, habitat requirements and threats.


May 2006

The Foraging Ecology and Conservation of Pallas Cat in Central Mongolia

The steppes of Mongolia are one of the few places in the world containing healthy populations of Pallas cat. This project is a joint venture between Mongolian and foreign researchers set up to address our poor understanding of the ecology and conservation issues of Pallas cat by intensive field based research.


March 2006

Ecology and behaviour of two sympatric felids, the Andean cat (Oreailurus jacobita) and pampas cat (Oncifelis colocolo) in Khastor (Southern Bolivia)

The present project was proposed in response to the lack of information on the Andean cat and the pampas cat and to the necessity to gather basic biological and ecological information of both species to propose conservation actions. 


February 2006

Genetic diversity and relatedness in the lynx population in Bialowieza Primeval Forest – environmental and social circumstances

The ecology and spatial organization of Eurasian lynx population has been studied in Bialowieza Forest since 1991. This project is to study the effect of forest fragmentation on genetic diversity of lynx population and the relationship between kinship and social behaviour in lynx.


January 2006

Large Predator Research Programme for the Shashe Limpopo Region

The Shashe Limpopo Predator Research Group (S-LPRG) was formed as a result of the realisation that the populations of six predator species (lions, leopards, cheetahs, wild dogs, spotted hyaena and brown hyaena) occurred across the borders of the three countries that share the confluence (Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe) and that there was a need for collaboration across borders to collect and collate data regarding the status, distribution, movement patterns and hotspots of human-predator conflict.