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Puma (Puma concolor) © A. Sliwa

December 2009

Fishing Cat Conservation and Research Project

The Fishing Cat Research and Conservation Project identifies viable populations of fishing cats in Southeast Asia supports direct action to conserve those populations. The project does this by conducting field research, supporting effective habitat management, and by initiating and supporting education and outreach activities.


September 2009

Kids for Cats - Drawing Contest

Grade 6 students from the Aebnit School in Muri, Switzerland, presented their cat art work.

June 2009

Connecting biological and socio-cultural dimensions of conservation: a strategy to engender positive attitudes towards the kodkod cat, within rural communities in Southern Chile

We are working to inform rural communities in Southern Chile about the kodkod - helping those best placed to influence the species’ future conservation to appreciate its unique value within the context of its temperate rainforest habitat. Our approach combines ecological research with intergenerational environmental education in the Andean foothills.


May 2009

Consequences of different forest management strategies for felids in Sabah, Malaysia

Many carnivores are under severe threat from permanent loss of suitable habitat. To ensure their long-term protection, an ecologically and economically sustainable large scale habitat management is required. We evaluate the consequences of different forms of forest exploitation for the distribution of felids in Sabah. All results will be used to compile management and conservation plans for these threatened species in close collaboration with local counterparts.


March 2009

Lions of Pendjari. Analysis of social structure, ecology of lions and human-lion conflicts in Pendjari Biosphere Reserve, Benin

This project on lion in Benin is an effort to fill the great gap in knowledge of this species in West Africa where lion is classified as Regionally Endangered since 2004. The project aims at assessing characteristics of livestock predation by carnivores, attitudes and perceptions of local people towards carnivores and predation in Pendjari Biosphere Reserve, Benin.