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Here you can find all Cat Projects of the Month from the last years back to 2005. 

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Puma (Puma concolor) © A. Sliwa

December 2007

Jaguar Juruena

We are recording cattle depredation by jaguars and local opinion to resolve the conflict in ranches and rural settlements surrounding the “Juruena” National Park in Southern Amazon, Brazil. We are also using camera-traps, tracks, and interviews with local residents to assess status, distribution and hunting of jaguars and their natural preys for the different areas.


October 2007

Natural history and conservation of Geoffroy’s cat in Argentina 

The Geoffroy’s cat is a little known South American felid recently upgraded to the “near threatened” category due to human-related impacts upon its populations. This multi-disciplinary project is collecting critical data necessary to develop a conservation strategy for GeoffroyŽs cat and to evaluate population viability and conservation needs of this species outside protected areas in Argentina.


June 2007

Ecology and Conservation of Four Sympatric Cat Species in the Argentinean Monte

This project is aiming to contribute to the conservation of a unique and very little understood cat guild that occurs in a threatened landscape of Argentina, through the understanding of species-specific ecological requirements and interspecific interactions as well as awareness raising activities.


April 2007

Cheetah Conservation Botswana

CCB aims to preserve Botswana’s cheetah population through scientific research, community outreach and education. It works with rural communities to promote coexistence with Botswana’s rich diversity of predator species.