Iberian Lynx Conservation Compendium

The “Iberian Lynx Conservation Compendium” is a library and forum providing a collection of information, data, documents, maps and other material relevant for the Iberian lynx (Lynx pardinus) conservation. It provides all relevant scientific baseline information, popular material, news and public political documents. It is a tool to share knowledge and experience and to manage the wealth of information. The compendium presented had been developed for the workshop in Córdoba (Dec. 2004). 

The compendium is a partnership project of CSIC, Junta de Andalucia, Ministerio de Medio Ambiente, WWF, IREC, ICN, Bern Convention, Fauna e Flora International, Lince Ibérico, Manfred Hermsen Stiftung, Comunidad Autonomo de Extremadura, Grupo LINCE SECEM, IUCN and Cat SG.

Iberian Lynx Conservation Compendium website

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