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Izawa, M.; Grassman, L.I.; Tewes, M.; Harahap, S.A.; Sakaguchi, N.; Watanabe, S.; Schmidt, K.; Yuhki, N.; Maddox, T.; Sanderson, J.; Murayama, A.
The wild cats: Ecological diversity and conservation strategy
2005  Conference Proceeding

The Symposium idea was to gather cat experts working on ecology and conservation of a variety of cat species in different parts of the world to support an exchange of information related to the felid conservation problems. The following presentations were given: - Spatial ecology and conservation of four sympatric felids in fragmented forst in north-central Thailand (L. Grassman & M. Tewes) - Ecological research and conservation of the Javan leopard Panthera pardus melas in Gunung Halimum National Park, West Java, Indonesia (S.A. Harahap & N. Sakaguchi) - Ecological plasticity of the Iriomote cat Prionailurus bengalensis iriomotensis as an adaptation to the insular environment variety of food habit and flexible habitat use (S. Watanabe) - The Eurasian lynx - its ecology and conservation in modern Europe (K. Schmidt) - Polymorphism of cat MHC genes: important immunological marker (N. Yuhki) - Fat cats and tiger economies: oiling the wheels of collaboration (T. Maddox) - Global conservation efforts for small cats: what's happening (J. Sanderson) - The Tsushima leopard cats: averting extinction (A. Murayama)

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