Balkan Lynx Conservation Compendium

Manuela von Arx, Urs Breitenmoser, Christine Breitenmoser-Würsten, Gabriel Schwaderer, Thomas A.M. Kaphegyi, Dagmar Trachsel, José J. Klee & Urs Kägi


The “Balkan Lynx Conservation Compendium” is a library and forum providing a collection of information, data, documents, maps and other material relevant for the conservation of the Balkan lynx Lynx lynx martinoi. It provides all relevant scientific baseline information, but also popular material, news, and documents on the range countries. It is a tool to share knowledge and experience and to manage the wealth of information. The compendium presented had been developed for the initial workshops in April 2005 and are currently revised according to the decisions taken at the workshops in Albania and Macedonia, respectively. For later use, this online version of the compendium will be continuously updated and reviewed to make it readily available for all institutions and individuals working for the conservation of the Balkan lynx.


The “Balkan Lynx Conservation Compendium” is shared and maintained by several partners.

Balkan Lynx Compendium


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