CITES Standing Committee

The Standing Committee members are Parties representing each of the major geographical regions (Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Central and South America, the Caribbean and Oceania). It includes a representative from the Depositary Government (Switzerland), one of the Party that hosted the previous CoP meeting and one of the Party that will host the next CoP meeting. At every regular meeting of the CoP is the Standing Committee membership reviewed.

The role of the Standing Committee is to:

  • provide policy guidance to the Secretariat concerning the implementation of CITES;
  • oversee the budget management ;
  • coordinate and oversees the work of other committees and working groups;
  • fullfil tasks given by the CoP;
  • draft resolutions for consideration by the CoP.
Jaguar (Panthera onca).

SC Topic Summary record
66, September 2016 Illegal trade in cheetah report from the working group Summary record
  Questionnaire results on combating illegal cheetah trade  
  Quotas for leopard hunting  
  Asian Big Cats report of the Secretary  
  Protection of Asian Wildlife Species  
  Asian Big Cats report of the Working group  
  Asian Big Cats  
65, July 2014   Summary report
  Review of implementation of Resolution Conf. 12.5  
  Illegal trade in cheetah  
  Illegal trade in cheetah in UAE  
  Illegal trade in cheetah, compilation and enforcement  
  Asian Big cats  
  Annex 1 Review of implementation of Resolution Conf. 12,5  
  Annex 2 Report of Cambodia  
  Annex 3 Report of China  
  Annex 4 Report of Malaysia  
  Annex 5 Report of Nepal  
  Annex 6 Report of Pakistan  
  Annex 7 Report of Thailand  
  Annex 8 Report of the UK and Northern Ireland  
  Annex 9 Report of Viet Nam  
  Report Indonesia  
  Report India  
64, March 2013   Summary report
63, March 2013   Summary report
62, July 2012 Leopard export quotas (United States)  
  Asian Big Cats  
  Annex 1 Heads of Police and Customs Seminar on Tiger Crime, Thailand  
  Recent Trends in International Trade in Appendix-II Species  
61, August 2011 Asian Big Cats Summary report
  Annex 1 Poaching and illegale trade in tigers  
  Annex 2 Endangered Species Import China  
  Annex 3 Trade in tigers and other Appendix-I cat species Thailand  
  Annex 4 Response United Kingdom and Northern Ireland  
  Annex 5 Response Israel  
59, March, 2010 Asian Big Cats Summary report
58, July 2009 Asian Big Cats Summary report
  Response by China  
  Deciding the Tigers Future  
  Global Tiger Initiative  
57, July 2008 Asian Big Cats Summary report
  India & Nepal Intensive operations breeding tigers  
  Tiger conservation strategy workshop  
  Tiger trade enforcement workshop  
56, June 2007   Summary report
55, June 2007   Summary report
54, Oct 2006 Tiger - Report of the Secretariat Summary report
  Illegal Trade in Tiger  
53, Jun-Jul 2005 Illegal trade in tigers Executive summary
  Trade in Appendix I species Executive summary
51, Oct 2004 Periodic Review of Appendices Summary report
50, March 2004 Asian Big Cats Summary report