Conference of the Parties (CoP)

The CoP is formed by the member states to CITES and is the supreme decision-making body of the convention. It meets every two to three years to review the implementation of CITES. These meetings provide the occasion of the Parties to:

  • review the conservation status of the species included in the Appendices and its progress;
  • consider proposals to change the species lists in Appendices I and II;
  • consider discussion documents and reports from the Parties, the permanent committees, the Secretariat and working groups;
  • recommend measures for effectiveness improvement of the Convention and
  • make provisions necessary to allow the Secretariat to function effectively.

Meetings of the CoP are also attended by observers such as representatives of States that are not party to CITES, of United Nations agencies and of other international discretion of the Parties. The observers have no vote.

Bobcat (Lynx rufus).

Documents of the last CoP meetings concerning cat species

CoP Topic Proposal Review Decision
17, September 2016       Decisions of the CoP 17
  Strategic matters Combating Wildlife Crime    
    Reduction strategies to combat illegal trade    
    Wildlife crime enforcement    
  General compliance and enforcement Illegal international trade in wildlife    
    Action to combat wildlife trafficking    
    Combating wildlife cybercrime    
    Wildlife crime enforcement West and Central Africa    
    Convention Implementation captive-bred and ranched species    
  Trade control and traceability Hunting trophies of species in App I and II    
    Trade in hunting trophies of species App I    
    Stocks and stockpiles specimens    
  Cheetah Illegal trade in cheetahs    
  Asian big cats Report of the Standing Committee    
    Proposal India    
  Periodic review of the Appendices Felidae    
  Proposal to amend App. I and II Secretariat's assessment of the proposals   Decisions on the proposals to amend CITES App.
    List of proposals    
    Secretariat recommendations    
    Comments from Burkina Faso    
    Comments from Liberia    
    Comments from Nigeria    
    Comments from Senegal    
    Consideration of proposals for amendment of App. I and II Tansfer of African population of African Lion from App. II to I Draft decision on the African lion
    Consideration of proposals for amendment of App. I and II Transfer of North American endemic subspecies of cougar from App. I to II  
16, March 2013 Asian big cats Trade in Asian Big Cats    
    Annex 3c Report from China    
    Annex 3b Report from India    
  Tiger Status of tigers, their conservation and trade controls, India    
  Cheetah Illegal trade in cheetahs    
  Leopard Leopard Quotas    
15, March 2010 Bobcat USA CoP Proposal No 2 Bobcat   rejected
  Asian big cats Trade in Asian big cats    
    Proposed revision in trade of Asian big cats    
    Trade in Asian big cats Addendum    
  Tiger Range state report Thailand    
    Range state report India    
    Range state report China    
    Range state report Vietnam    
    Range state report Malaysia    
    Recommendations from Global Tiger Workshop    
    Asian Ministerial conference on tiger conservation    
14, June 2007 Bobcat USA CoP Proposal No 2 Bobcat IUCN Analysis Bobcat  
  Leopard Uganda CoP Proposal No 3 Leopard IUCN Analysis Leopard  
  Leopard Mozambique Leopard in Mozambique    
  Asian Big Cats Trade in Asian Big Cats    
      CITES secretariat analysis  
13, Oct. 2004 Bobcat USA CoP Proposal No 5 Bobcat IUCN Analysis Bobcat withdrawn
  Lion Kenya CoP Proposal No 6 Lion IUCN Analysis Lion withdrawn
  Asian Big Cats Trade in Asian Big Cats    
  Leopard Namibia Leopard in Namibia quota   adopted
  Leopard South Africa Leopard in SAfrica quota   adpoted
  Summary   TRAFFIC recommendation  
      CITES secretariat analysis  
      Cat SG at CITES