Photo of Manuela  von Arx Manuela von Arx
KORA, Thunstrasse 31
CH 3074 Muri b. Bern
T: +41 (0)31 951 7040


Assistant to the Chair
I graduated from the Institute of Zoology, University of Bern with a diploma thesis on chamois Rupicapra rupicapra behaviour and joined KORA in June 2001 to assist in the Cat Specialist Group’s members and friends administration. I was responsible for conducting the Pan-European survey and information platform on the status and conservation of the Eurasian lynx in Europe (“ELOIS”), a tool that is currently developed for wolverine, brown bear and wolf, as well. I am involved in different conservation projects, of which the recovery programme for the Balkan lynx is the most important (coordination, information, communication, capacity building), and take care, among other things, of the maintenance of both the Balkan Lynx and Iberian Lynx Conservation Compendia.