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Houssaye, F.; Budd, J.
EAZA Husbandry Guidelines for the Leopard
2009  Full Book

Husbandry guidelines have been developed for each EEP species and subspecies with the aim of providing guidelines to achieve optimal captive conditions for the well-being and reproduction of all animals in EEP programs. As leopard subspecies have similar physiology and ecology and these guidelines have been compiled to include the North-Chinese leopard (_Panthera pardus japonensis_), the Sri Lankan leopard (_P. p. kotiya_), the Arabian leopard (_P. p. nimr_), the Amur leopard (_P. p. orientalis_) and the Persian leopard (_P. p. saxicolor_). All of the above sub-species, except the Arabian leopard are managed as EEP populations within European zoos. All of these subspecies are listed in the International Leopard Studbook (Walter, 2005). With the aim of enhancing the guidelines, a general husbandry survey was conducted. The questionnaire was sent to all ISIS institutions holding _Panthera pardus _spp. within their collections. At the time of the survey (2005) there were 148 institutions recorded in ISIS. Only 25 % (39) of the institutions (listed later) answered this survey, which examined the management approaches (veterinary care, enrichment, nutrition, breeding, etc.) employed within the zoological community. Special thanks go to the facilities who answered the survey as their answers made a substantial contribution to establishing these guidelines.

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