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Cutter, P.
Camera Trapping and Conservation Status Assessment of Fishing Cats at Khao Sam Roi Yod National Park, Thailand and Surrounding Areas
2009  Full Book

This is an occasional report of the Fishing Cat Research and Conservation Project, an independent research endeavor with the overall goal of ensuring that fishing cats survive and thrive in their wild habitats. A rapid assessment using interviews, sign surveys, and camera trapping was carried out in and around Khao Sam Roi Yod National park between 5 January and 7 February 2009. Local residents reported seeing or finding sign evidence of fishing cats at several locations and the survey team visited two separate residences at which male fishing cats (reportedly siblings collected from a local rice field) are being kept in small enclosures. Sign surveys around the location where the kittens were reportedly collected revealed copious tracks and scat of fishing cats left by at least two individuals (apparently an adult female and her kitten). Camera trapping focused on this area. During 54 trap-nights, Moultrie i40 camera trap units logged a total of 230 video clips and 238 still photos. Images of fishing cats dominated the captures (203 captures during 20 of the trap-nights). At least three and perhaps four or more individual fishing cats visited trap stations. Also captured in camera traps during this survey period were numerous domestic cattle, two domestic dogs, a nightjar, another (unidentified) bird, and one local farmer.

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