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Strengthening Tiger Conservation in Terai Arc (2002-0301-026), Strengthening Forest Conservation in Terai Arc (2002-0301-027)
2003  Full Book

With generous funding from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation's Save the Tiger Fund, WWF has strengthened tiger conservation and habitat protection in the Terai Arc through implementing its model program of community based anti-poaching operations and further developing community forest user groups (CFUGs). Through these unique community based initiatives, WWF has been able to involve and support local people in the process of stewarding their own natural resources, while strengthening local support, not just among community members, but among government agencies and other nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). Thanks to your commitment to ensuring a sustainable future for the Terai Arc landscape, WWF achieved the following: Tiger Conservation Established six community based anti-poaching committees that will manage and provide support for the anti-poaching teams in the field; Financed and supported the construction or renovation of range posts, CFUG offices, and community centers - including a center with the capacity to hold 60 people; Organized and facilitated a two-day training on global positioning systems (GPS) and map utilization, with a focus on communicating how new technology and skills can be applied to anti-poaching operations; Capture of a notorious rhino poacher by an anti-poaching team and confiscation of 20 grams of tiger bone from an accomplice; and Confiscation of over 200 cubic feet of illegally harvested timber.

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