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Johnsingh, A.J.T.; Negi, A.S.
Operation Eye of the Tiger - India. Report submitted to the Save The Tiger Fund for the period April 1996-November 2000
2000  Full Book

To help save the tiger, OPERATION EYE OF THE TIGER - INDIA, (OETI), a Dehra Dun based Non-Government Organization, was launched in April 1996. Operation Eye of the Tiger - India is a people's project and the major objectives of the programme are: 1. to help improve the morale of the guards in prime tiger habitats 2. to help enhance protection to tiger, its prey species and habitat 3. to help carry out ecodevelopment and conservation education 4. to help promote research on tiger, its habitat and allied species At present, the focus of work is Corbett Tiger Reserve which is about 1400 km2, and forms part of the Rajaji-Corbett Tiger Conservation Unit (TCU).

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