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Gavali, D.J.; Lakhmapurkar, J.J.; Vyas, V.V.
A Threat to Small Mammals in Central Gujarat
2008  Cat News (48): 11-12

Central Gujarat has a semiarid climate with dry tropical deciduous forests. These forests provide habitats for small mammals such as the rustyspotted cat _Prionailurus rubiginosus_, the small Indian civet _Viverricula indica_, the common palm civet _Paradoxurus hermaphroditus_, the pale hedgehog _Paraechinus micropus_, the porcupine _Hystrix indica_, and the flying squirrel _Petaurista petaurista_. The results of a survey of cat species conducted in central Gujarat indicate that the jungle cat _Felis chaus_ and the small Indian civet are seen more frequently than other cats. Expansion of agriculture and loss of natural forest areas are reducing the habitats of these animals. The present study indicates that collisions with vehicles and the consequent fatalities are posing a threat to jungle cats and small Indian civets.

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