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Tilson, R.; Franklin, N.; Nyhus, P.; Bastoni,; Sriyanto,; Siswomartono, D.; Manansang, J.
In situ conservation of the Sumatran tiger in Indonesia
1996  International Zoo News (43): 316-324

There are three important issues that affect the long-term survival of tigers in Sumatra. One is to identify the distribution and status of each tiger population and the quality of their habitat. Another is to identify how secure each population is from poaching or disturbance, as well as the security of the prey base and habitat. Still another is to develop a Rapid Tiger Status Assessment methodology to accomplish the above tasks and to provide a long-term monitoring system for the evaluation of protection and management policies sanctioned by the government for the long-term viability of wild tigers. It is also important to resolve conflicts between tigers and forest-edge communities living in proximity to tigers, as well as to develop a comprehensive conservation message to all citizens of Indonesia.

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