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Reza, A.H.M.A.
Natural resources management in Bangladesh: Linking national priority to global perspective
2004  Tiger Paper (31): 10-16

A broad range of ecosystems are found in Bangladesh, including tropical evergreen forests, deciduous forests, mangrove forests, riparian and coastal wetlands, and the littoral, sub-littoral and benthic communities of the Indian Ocean. Over 50% of Bangladesh can be classified as wetlands. Together with neighboring India, Bangladesh supports the largest remaining mangrove forest in the world - the Sundarbans. Bangladesh has a rich agro-biodiversity. Over 12,000 plant varieties have been recorded to date, representing a valuable, but rapidly vanishing, genetic resource. On the other hand, many of the fauna1 species are globally threatened, such as the Asian elephant, the Bengal tiger, the Gangetic gharial, the Ganges river dolphin and the hoolock gibbon, among others. Although it is not frequently recognized, Bangladesh supports a wealth of biodiversity.

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