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Rabinowitz, A.R.
Estimating the Indochinese tiger Panthera tigris corbetti population in Thailand
1993  Biological Conservation (65): 213-217

From 1987 to 1991, tiger presence was investigated in 25 national parks and 13 wildlife sanctuaries, comprising 49% and 58% of Thailand's protected land area in these respective categories. Tigers were present in only 58% of the surveyed areas. Where tigers were present, an arbitrary density of 1 tiger/100km2 was modified according to the levels of threat to the tiger population, and used to estimate population size. Threats were defined as human-caused disturbances that threatened a population's basic need of natural waterways, large prey abundance, and vegetative cover. Using this approach, no more than an estimated 250 adult tigers are currently in Thailand. The healthiest remaining tiger populations are now in areas of forest complexes> 1500km2 protected before 1982. If tigers are to persist in Thailand, areas where they are found need to be better managed and maintained as large, cohesive forest units with minimized human-caused disturbances.

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