Terms of References for Cat SG members

Asiatic wildcat (Felis silvestris ornata)

Mission of the Cat SG

  • To promote the long-term conservation of the wild living cat species and their habitats by means of continuous monitoring and assessment, information-sharing, identification of conservation priorities and facilitation/delivery of these priority actions through collaborative conservation work.


  1. To assess the conservation status of and threats to all felids (wild living cat species) in their entire range.
  2. To provide and improve technical information and advice on the conservation of felids to various partners, including a) range state government agencies, b) non-governmental organisations, c) inter-governmental research, management and conservation organisations, d) people affected by or otherwise linked to felid populations.
  3. To help develop or update Conservation Strategies and National Action plans working with range state government agencies, NGOs, IGOs, and Conventions (CITES, CBD, CMS).
  4. To promote and catalyse conservation activities on behalf of felids to be carried out by the partners mentioned above.
  5. To develop capacity through training, exchange of ideas, information and technical expertise both within and outside the group, and through Cat Conservation Courses.

Member's Responsibilities

The members of the Cat SG are responsible for:

  1. Providing data and contributing to analyses of available data to review the status and conservation needs of felid species in their range for the IUCN Red List assessment.
  2. Contributing to the identification of priorities for research, management and conservation.
  3. Sharing information on felid relevant conservation activities through contributions to Cat News, the Cat SG website and the Digital Cat Library.
  4. Responding promptly to invitations by the co-Chairs and the Red List Authority Coordinator requesting for information or participation in special projects.
  5. Providing updated contact details to enable efficient communication within the Group.
  6. Providing information, maps and photos of cat species and cat conservation work for raising awareness and for illustrating the Cat SG website (including the Project of the Month) and the species accounts of the Red List website.