How to support

The Cat Specialist Group contributes to the long-term conservation of wild cat species. The Cat SG provides education and training programs to expand expert capacities for research, monitoring and conservation and provides scientific information. 

The Cat SG must raise its own funds – like all other specialist groups - and cannot count on subsidies or financial support from IUCN.

Every donation goes directly into cat conservation work and is important to help saving the cats. 

Jungle cat (Felis chaus)

You can support the work of the Cat Specialist Group by  

1. Joining the Friends of the Cat Specialist Group

Friends of the Cat Specialist Group has been set up to enable those interested in furthering the conservation of wild cats to contribute to a fund used for any purpose which will advance the aims of the group and contribute to cat conservation. Joining Friends of the Cat SG gives you unlimited access and downloads in the Digital Cat Library for the current calendar year and you receive our newsletter Cat News (two regular issues per year plus special issues).  


Membership form 2017 PDF

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2. Becoming a supporter/sponsor and make a donation

Sponsers and supporters of the Cat Specialist Group receive the biannual newsletter Cat News plus special issues, as well as the Cat SG's annual activity report. For further information please contact us under catsg(at)


Membership form for supporters and sponsors 2017 online


3. Ordering the Cat News Archive CD

The Archive CD contains full PDF versions of all Cat News issues from 2010 back to the first issue from 1984.

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We thank you very much for your support!